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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Wednesday is fun!

It was a fun day at Sunway University today :) What am I doing there? LOL... not to enroll for any classes or anything but I was one of the 5 vendors selling our items there. 4 of us were selling handmade items, 1 was selling clothes, scarfs, etc.

Although we were hidden in the Student Centre, we still had a steady stream of crowd. Would have been better if the big banner outside the Centre was not blocking half of the glass door but thank God, people still came in to check us out :)

The organizers (Sunway's Entrepreneur's Club) were very nice and friendly. They came to help me unload my things and even guided me to park my car. Then come tear-down time, they helped load all my things into my car. Am really grateful to them for being so helpful :)

I loved the atmosphere, the air-conditioning (lol!), catching up with Mei, Kricia, Melissa and chatting with the students :) Forgot to take pictures today though... so this is just a boring post without photos :P


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