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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Unicorn Love

Onwards, forward into the plains... wind on my face and in my hair... magic in the air... and when we grow weary we then we stop by a stream... my unicorn at my tow, we both enjoy the sights. If we see a bird or two, we may talk to them, maybe or stop and chat with a wise old owl  :)

And here's my first birthday surprise! :) A blue unicorn to match my darling Anariel (who is pink, by the way). Darling Mel had a blue unicorn custom made for me to be Anariel's mate but because Anariel's horn broke (sobs!), the maker of the unicorns actually made me another pink unicorn who is the new mate for the blue one! 

His name is Alyan, elvish for Blessed

Left : Alassea the Joyful
Right : Anariel of the Sun

They are getting along very well and enjoys each other's company :) I love my unicorns so much! I try to bring one with me each time I go out... :P