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Monday, 26 September 2011

Travels : China

Of all the places in the world I thought I'll visit, I never thought China would be one I visit before Italy or Greece.. why? I don't know... I always thought visiting China is for old people... so I thought I will one day visit the "place of my roots" (well, 3 generations ago we were from somewhere in the Mainland), when I'm much older and wiser.

But I went to China on my birthday this year with my hubby and his friends. We went to Beijing and visited The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, scaled the Great Wall, walked in the Summer Palace and strolled in grounds of the Temple of Heaven. I also fell in love with Hunan dishes there. Then we went to Jiuzhaigou and was mesmerized by the beauty nature bestowed on Earth and was totally captivated by it. Our last stop was Chengdu where my palate was numbed by Sichuan pepper while we had 'Ma la' steamboat. We also went to the Giant Panda Research Centre where we saw a Giant Panda greedily gobbling up his bamboo shoots, some sleeping in various positions, playing and even some baby pandas!

me in the grounds of Temple of Heaven

I love history of all kinds and I was wrong to think that China should only to be visited when I'm old.. I would love to explore other parts of it and learn more about the history & culture of the people, monuments, places... Photos and stories of the places I visited will be blogged over time here. If you wanna know more, please do drop by from time to time :)


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Wini said...

Hi Evelin, Thank you for visiting my blog! Looks like you had a fantastic trip to China. I went there last year and agree that there is amazing architecture, scenery and history there. I would also love to go back and see more. Wini xo