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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Home Girl

Contrary to how some people I know say they will *die* if they stay at home (either work from home or not working), I enjoy staying at home. I'm a home-girl at heart... LOL. There's always so much to do at home. So, like how the other category of people can't understand there's a lot we can do at home (be it reading, blogging, crafting, etc..), I can't understand how they will feel like there's nothing to do at home!

I believe it's up to us to choose how we want to spend our time. As much as I enjoyed wearing power suits and being a working girl, I enjoy being at home in t-shirts and shorts too (even if it's for long periods of time).

I'm pretty sure if I am out there in the working world now, I will miss my stay-at-home time... and vice versa. So, why not just embrace it? Whichever season we're in? :)



Shirl said...

Totally agree with u girl! Certainly don't mind being "stranded" at home, anytime! So so much to do! :))

~amy~ said...

oh I love this sweet layout...pink...love the pink and the spatters.

I can't wait to {one day} be a home girl:)

yyam said...

Such a pretty layout! Love the papers and the spatters! :)

I am hardly bored at home! lol

Sharon Corn said...

Its my dream to work from home. You are so blessed to do this.