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Thursday, 28 June 2012

I finally managed to take some decent pics for my Etsy shop and have edited a whole bunch of them :) I will have some items to list over the next few days. Which does mean I have to think of new things to create. haha....

These photos are taken when we visited Griffith Observatory. Really beautiful place. Would love to check out the trekking trails in the near future :)



alison said...

you changed the blogger format, nice! me not going shanghai, expecting a phone call from shanghai, phone interview from the immigration officer based in shanghai :)
hope you're having fun! hugs to penny!

can't find email anywhere here leh.

yyam said...

It's a very sweet layout. :)

P/s: FYI. Sometimes the comment link doesn't show so I can't leave a comment. Not sure if it affects others though. I'm using Firefox.