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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Santa Paula

Hubby had to go to his client's place in Santa Paula and I tagged along. Mostly to be his navigator, also because I wanted to take the opportunity to explore anywhere I can (especially since I don't have to drive.. haha) and practice sketching. I have seen so many blogs of people keeping art journals and how beautiful they are and am fascinated with sketching on location. Great opportunity to try :)

Hubby dropped me at McDonalds' before he went to his client's warehouse. I ordered a Mocha and sat outside where the children's playground is and 'officiated' my journal :) I always find it a bit scary to draw on the first page... a lot of pressure! What if I botched it up?

Do you like my funky colored nails? haha... I love the blue polish a lot and felt the mint colored one is too bright, so I paired them together to tone down the brightness of the mint. It's kinda funky and I'm enjoying it. 

After I sketched my mocha and journaled a little, I walked 0.6 miles to the Theater Center. There is a little park there with lots of shade and I found a spot where I could sit and sketch the Theater Center with a nice view. It was really peaceful sitting there and sketching. Santa Paula is a very quiet town and there were not many people walking about. 

As I sketched and painted, the wind started getting stronger. And it was c-o-l-d! I didn't expect Santa Paula to be so cold in summer.. haha... it was 19 degrees in the afternoon and when I was sitting under the shade, it felt much colder! I was shivering at one point. 

I will write more about Santa Paula in my next post :) 



yyam said...

Wow! You can really draw! Looks fabulous! :)

~amy~ said...

Looks awesome...love the coffee cup:)

Natt Smith said...

OMG !! I wish I could draw !

Anonymous said...

Hi Eve! I just came across your blog while I was blog hopping. ^^ I am so jealous of your artistic abilities! Everything is so nice and cute. <3