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Monday, 2 March 2015

Changes through the years

A lot has changed since I started this blog. It used to be a place where I just post whatever that comes to mind (before blogger, I was using Multipy.. anyone remember that?) and then it evolved to more of a craft blog when I discovered card-making in 2008. 

I was also single when this blog started and then I got married and now I have a toddler. I was living in Malaysia and then we moved across the oceans to California, USA. I started Angelicquirk selling handmade crafts and conducted bookbinding workshops and renamed the business to Evelin T Designs in 2013 still selling handmade crafts and conducting bookbinding workshops but I am also providing illustration/designing + calligraphy services and designing digital stamps.

The only thing constant in life is CHANGE and no matter what we do, change will happen. I guess it is how we will embrace the change. Some changes we love, some changes we don't. Especially those that push us out of our comfort zone but sometimes those are exactly the kind of changes that we need to be better and excel in life. 

Do you agree? What has changed in your life since you started your blog? I would love to know.. please share :)


walchowDesign said...

Hi Eve,
Found your blog thru your GD, Annette. I had to drop you this note as I saw the word Malaysia in your blog as I am also from there. My career path has changed since I started blogging.

~amy~ said...

Tons have changed with me since I first started blogging...it's been 7+ years...the kids are that much older...I have the opportunity to work part time vs full time...I'm living in a different home...

I think I've know you for most of my blogging adventure...so glad that we've had the opportunity to actually meet with each other and crossing my fingers that we will be able to again next year:)