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Monday, 9 March 2015

Hobonichi LOVE

I first saw pictures of the hobonichi in my Instagram feed sometime last year. I love the look of the little planner... wait, who am I kidding. I LOVE all kinds of planners, notebooks, pens... stationery! I love stationery more than clothes, bags or shoes and yes, I admit it :)

I tried to resist the temptation to add another planner to my humble collection of filofaxes, midori traveler's notebook + fauxdori and moleskines and for a while, I succeeded. I managed to stop myself from clicking 'checkout' even though I probably check the website daily just to look at the hobonichi.
I even enabled a fellow crafter into buying a couple when she was in Japan for a holiday last year and even then, I managed to resist buying (even when she offered to help me buy one... that's hard to resist!)

But in mid-January, I caved.. hahahaha.. and I got myself this little beauty! 

the cover I chose is called "Sometimes Lucky"

I normally prefer leather covers because of durability and well, I love the smell and touch of leather but this linen cover somehow spoke to me. During the many times I went to hobonichi's website, I wanted very much to checkout the Coral cover but each time, this cover will catch my eye so I decided to trust my heart and got this instead.

The journal is small and compact and the paper takes to watercolor very well. It does warp a little but I think that only adds to the character of the journal once it's completed, right? 

Red poppies with Schmincke watercolor

I plan to use this as a watercolor/illustration journal for the rest of the year since I already set up my Filofax as a planner and my midori as a journal. Next year, maybe I will use this as a journal instead and set up another for watercoloring.. but next year is still quite some time to go, so we'll see how things goes :)

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~amy~ said...

Evelin, what a gorgeous cover! LOVE it.
Your watercoloring is beautiful! Can't wait to see more of your work!