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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

If the price is right...

I showed some crafty people my blog.... and they commented that the price for my cards are a little low... hmmm... in a way, I think so too since I use acid-free materials.

Checked out some other local blogs and discovered that the price they put up is *wow* mind-blowing. Does anybody actually make a purchase if the price is too high? And I'm talking about "RM 20-30 per card kinda high".

What do you think? Will you pay RM 20-30 for a handmade card?

For now, I just want to sell my cards .. so that I can buy more materials and make more cards! :)



~MoMo*Chin~ said...

hm... well.. i think ur price is just right.. for the moment. Just build ur customer base 1st.. then probably adjust ur pricing if the materials u use are more expensive lor... =)

but they are really pretty !!!!

Quirky said...

thanks for your comment. I will leave it as it is first lah..

hey, help me nudge people over here ya :P