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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

S1 & S2..... I think...

I really can't sit on any soft surface for too long. And bad posture while sitting is also my bane.

Was sitting on my bed watching tv and browsing on my laptop last night & the night before. Tonight, I'm already feeling a bit of a gnawing pain in my lower spine. Towards the tailbone. I think it's the S1 & S2 bone. The chiropractor mentioned it before when I last visited him but once I'm 'healed', I forgot their locations :P

I hurt my back once. I think about 2 years plus ago. Sitting on soft surface for too long. The pain didn't even set in gradually. It was acute! The pain just suddenly set in once and I had to be on bed rest for about 1 week. It wasn't slipped disc per se. But my S1 & S2 were out of alignment causing me extreme pain. It was torture to get out of bed, sit down, get back to bed. Basically every movement is torture......

So now that I'm feeling a teeny weeny bit of irritation on my lower back again, I've moved back to sitting on the floor while typing on my laptop which is placed on my multipurpose box (hehe)...makeshift table. I enjoy sitting on the floor anyway. Nice and cooling and good for my back!


I ain't not going back to hurting myself. It seriously, seriously hurts like crazy!!



~MoMo*Chin~ said...

back injuries are one of the worst.. try swimming.. it will help. Alot of chiro n docs actually encourage ppl to do more swimming rather than running... more back massages also will help too... *hint hint*

Quirky said...

you trying to hint that we go for massages together or you hinting my hubby to rub my back?? :P