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Monday, 13 April 2009

What do you think of these?

I made these cards some weeks ago but procrastinated on posting them up. Why, you ask me? Well, procrastination is an art :P And it takes time to manifest... Kidding. I'm just lazy.

Yes, they are for sale. I can't possibly keep all the cards for myself. That would be too selfish of me.


Wishing you laughter.... always

Code : AO0001
Status : Sold! (can reproduce with different patterned paper)
Price : RM 12.90 (USD 4)

Friends always

Code : FC0001
Status : Sold!
Price : RM 12.90 (USD 4)

P.S I love you

Code : AAL0004
Status : Sold!
Price : RM 9.90 (USD 2.80)

Happy Birthday

Code : HB0002
Status : Sold! (can reproduce with different patterned paper)
Price : RM 12.90 (USD 4)

Happy Birthday

Code : HB0001
Status : Sold! (can reproduce with different patterned paper)
Price : RM 10.90 (USD 3)

"Heart" Notecards

"Birds" Notecards

Just leave me a comment if you are keen to make a purchase. All cards (made with acid-free material) come with a matching envelope.

You are welcome to request for custom orders as well. If you order 10 cards or more, I can offer you a discount :)

ALL cards/notecards are handmade.

I must stress that since all cards are handmade, reproduction of cards will not result in an identical replica. It's all unique and one of a kind :)



andrea said...

You've been busy! That's good :) Great stuff.

Trying to set up my own Etsy shop too - hopefully in a few months time. Or sooner. I procrastinate too.

Quirky said...

I 'was' busy..then these last 2 weeks, got lazy again...gonna have to get that creative juice flowin' & be more hardworking again :)

Jenny Pong said...

The Bird Note pad is so pretty! Love them! =) I am happy to trade my jewelry for that! =P

Quirky said...

hehe.... thanks Jenny :)
But I don't know what to trade for.. :P Your things are not in my range leh..how to trade?

Jacqueline said...

Evelyn, love your cards!! So creative! Ever thought of doing wedding cards?

Quirky said...

Jac : Thank you :)
Thought of doing it before but I have not fully embarked on it yet. Will be able to come out with designs if you need :P hehehehe....