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Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Had a great time with a colleague over ice blended chocolate today :)

She recommended me a great place to indulge in chocolate...uh-oh. Another avenue to blow some cash away...yikes! Pavillion is really a nice place to hang-out. The ambience is great and the variety of food/shopping they have is *wow*.

Sorry to burden her with some random ramblings which I poured on her. Will keep in mind not to be so verbal with my thoughts in the future. She was superbly kind to bear with me, though.

The chocolate was great. Love that it's a bit bitter. But it's very filling and for a girl, maybe that's like a substitute for a meal. Meal replacement therapy = chocolate. Not a bad idea, right?

Then I acccompanied Hubby to have dinner and we walked around Pavillion for a while. I have a new love. I fell in love and I fell hard *darn* Hubby couldn't understand it either. Well, I think this kinda love can only be understood by another girl :P

Life just have too many indulgences. Let me work at my finance again to see if I could ever afford what I want. I know it's stupid but yeah, maybe I want to be stupid once in a while.


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