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Friday, 3 April 2009

Tears overflow...

..... from watching 'The Reader'.

what? Don't judge me. It's a rather moving and thought-provoking movie to me. To some, it may just be another movie but not to me. And to many others, they just want to see Kate Winslet naked again...... hmmmm

I enjoy movie of this genre, I just don't like the fact that two people who feel deeply for each other can't end up together. For various reasons. Which in this movie's case is the how both of them are so introvert in their feelings. Somehow, I don't think age is an issue for them as they both seem not to care that people see them together. Especially Michael. He totally showed her that he disregards how people think of their age gap by kissing her in plain view of the shopkeeper who called Hannah, his mother. That was very sweet.

It moved me how Hannah left a deep mark in Michael's heart and how that mark didn't heal over time. He just carried that burden with him through stages of his life. Hannah left him to avoid being promoted because she's hiding her secret which I think was a bit silly. She could've just told her superior that she was happy where she is and decline the promotion. They could still be together then.

Hannah's secret and her determination to safeguard it, landed her in life imprisonment. Michael, realizing her secret almost met up with her in the lock-up to talk to her but he backed out, at the last minute. I feel that he is still too hurt as to why she left him abruptly, without saying goodbye some 8 years ago and that he still loves her too much. He was probably just too hurt to face her again. She is not the sort who would explain the reason why she left even if he did meet her, I think.

It is in a way, a beautiful but tragic love story. Hannah is egoistic in a way because she doesn't want the world to know her incapability but she is naive and straightforward as well. That I find both endearing and silly. To her, some things need to be done and it has to be done. Michael, on the other hand, is a sweet guy. Caring to her by reading her stories, something she loves and always having a piece of her in his heart which makes it hard for him to open up to others. She was his first and in a way, I think, his only true love. Their bond and attraction is just beyond words.

It tugs at my heartstring. I /love-hate/ unrequited love stories. And if you've read till here and have not watched the movie, I think you've read too many spoilers.... fortunately/unfortunately?

Note : Don't ever watch a romantic, touching, sentimental kinda movie when you feel even the teensiest bit depressed. Makes you cry in buckets instead of small pails... HEHE... whatever will the difference be, right?


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Anonymous said...

I loved the book AND the movie. Yes, one should not watch this when depressed, but perhaps it's also the only time one can truly appreciate the movie =) so watch with caution. Really good movie, I am glad you liked it so much that you wrote so nicely about it. Have you read the book, though? It's so much better, explains whatever is not in the movie =)