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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

June Gloom

The mornings has been gloomy and makes it so comfy to be tucked-in under the sheets and just stay there... it takes a lot of willpower to get my a*s out of the bed. Yes, I struggle to get out of bed... it's a daily affair.. haha....

Made this layout with a photo taken in Werribee Park, Melbourne. haha... I am still not done yet with the photos from that trip. I love that park and we took a lot of photos there  :)

Am trying out the 'banner' design on this layout... just some simple banners I cut out and assembled. I added hidden journalling on this layout too. Cut the tag out using a puncher and I 'divided' the photo into 3 as well just for some added dimension. 

I am needing those moments where I need to write down my plans on paper and prioritize again. They are all scrambled in my mind again... LOL... running around and making me dizzy.. haha. 



~amy~ said...

love this...now how do you 'stick' the twine?

Evelin said...

Hey sista, I used just a smidge of Glossy accent, hold them in place till they are firmly in place and let it dry :) Have fun! :)