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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Venice Beach Park

We travelled to Venice Beach Park last Saturday and I must say, it is very different from Santa Monica Beach :) The two are completely different places even though they are just minutes apart from each other.

One is more 'proper' with it's fashion outlets, upscale food outlets and malls and the other is entirely 'colorful' with street vendors and their handmade wares, tattoo parlors, skateboarding park and even shops selling marijuana (the sign said 'medical' marijuana... hmmmmmm). Both have street performers but they are of different kinds too :) Very interesting..... 

That said, I love both beaches for their own unique, myriad differences :) I would love to spend more time in both places, just soaking up the atmosphere and immersing myself in their culture.

The palms scatter across the beach... so pretty!

Look at the amount of people! 

It was so cooling but the sun warms us up... I doubt I can ever get fairer than I was here... LOL.... maybe darker if I go to beaches more :D

I was trying my best to capture the seagull taking off with my iPhone 4s.... they were really near.. unfortunately the camera still has a little limitation. That said, I still think it takes excellent photos! I don't bring my Nikon out much now :P

 Graffiti art is on many of the buildings here in Venice Beach Park... :) Most of them are really nice.

I love the little 'cove' on the beach.... not sure if there's a proper term or if I got the term right... it's like this little enclave... I love it!

Fly free! Fly high! There's so much to see and experience in life!


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