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Tuesday, 5 June 2012


My brother and his fiancee, Sue came over during the weekend and needless to say, we had a fun-filled time! We discovered another place to view the Hollywood sign from a friend and she was so kind to text me the exact location so, voila! there we go :D

It was a very winding ride and the road is really narrow but it was totally worth it. There are so many nice houses along the winding stretch uphill too and they are totally gorgeous! Imagine looking out to vast greeneries and hills all day long.... 

The weather was perfect and we took quite a few photos... the sign looked so much nearer with the naked eye... in the photos, it still looked far.. :P

Beware.... mountain lions... 

The scenic point also overlook the reservoir :) I so love this spot. If only the drive is not so winding... I would want to go up all the time! :P

That's the 4 of us on the start of their mini vacation :)

Halloooooo.... from LA again! :) What can I say? I love LA!


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