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Wednesday, 27 June 2012


It's so hard to come up with a title for my posts most of the time. I blog about so many random things in one post that I sometimes am not sure what to title it :) So, I hope you can understand why today's post is 'title-less'.

I was experimenting with photo-taking indoors for my Etsy shop these two days. I don't have the luxury of a big window with very bright sunlight shining in now... so I have to improvise. Oh, it is very sunny outside here in LA, it's just not shining into my apartment... haha. 

I caught the right lighting yesterday but I decided I didn't like the background and tried to take pictures of my products again today... then I discovered (finally), why my product pictures aren't showing in the shop as how I wanted them to!! But Mr. Sun has left the 'building', figuratively.... cos he's still out shining bright just now... the light just wasn't streaming in through the window anymore. 

There has been a lot of trial and error but I have finally got it! I just need to wait for tomorrow to come to continue my photo-taking endeavors :) 

I can't wait for all the photos to turn out how I want them to.. haha... it's so easy to use instagram or some other apps but not for the shop. I have to represent the product in its actuality as accurately as possible.

Anyway, if you made it thus far reading about my adventure in photographing my notebooks and badges, here's a layout I would like to share with you! :) Actually, I think I completed this last month .. I am so slow in posting them up. I have a lot more backlogged now :P

I am having a lot of fun creating layouts now. 12x12 layouts used to be very daunting to me and I never really made any back in Malaysia, however, once I started, it seems more do-able now :) I am getting the hang of it. I created some 8.5x11 layouts too... will share them soon.


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~amy~ said...

oh I love this layout....so pretty with the pop o pink. awesome pic:)