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Monday, 26 May 2014

Do you believe in Unicorns?

I do.

I would love to believe that they exist in some obscure corner of the Earth. That they know of mankind's destruction and always hid themselves from our view. I believe that they exist as much as I believe that Yetis and Nessie exist. They are just really good at eluding us :)

When I found out that there are 'unicorns of the sea', I was intrigued. These 'unicorns of the sea' are the narwhals (pronounce /närwəl/). They are small Arctic whales and the males have a long, forward-pointing spirally twisted tusk developed from one of it's teeth.

They seem so mystical to me and I found myself drawn to them... and so, one night I just painted one free-hand. No pencil, no prior planning... I just dabbed some watercolor on my paintbrush and painted.

My little narwhal

I loved how it turned out and decided to make it into a bookmark for a dear friend.

This is an original watercolor bookmark and I really hope she will like it :)

If you would like to have an original narwhal watercolor bookmark, just contact me via my shop and I'll make one just for you!


yyam said...

This is sooooo sweet! Love the shade of blue...so soothing.

~amy~ said...

Looks amazing!

Isabelle Gagnon said...

So cute!