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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Burning Car

I saw a BMW caught on fire sometime last week on the highway. It was all smoky as we drove near and I was jokingly commenting that maybe a car caught on fire. As we drove past, we saw that it was a BMW..... what the? Branded cars get caught on fire too? (the engine was burning...like with flames and all)

... and it was raining. Kinda ironic.

Wanted to get away from the burning car as possible... well, what with my car running on petrol too, right? Couldn't manage to snap a picture of the whole incident. I think every one wanted to get out of the way as soon as they discover the real reason for all that smoke!

I don't think anyone wanted any chance of that happening to them too...


Someone saw the burning bush, I saw the burning car.

Bad comparison, I know. Lame too... but I'm not really comparing. It's just a random comment.



Moonfish said...

Darling, Formula 1 catch fire too (^_^)

Quirky said...

oh ya.. correct also. But that one got good reason. They are on the racing track!

This one's on LDP only....