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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Hmmm... hope this is ok :)

... and that my friend will actually like this :)

It's her Birthday today and I made a mini card for her. Haven't really been using the creative side of my brain so I hope this will make her smile.

*comes in a little card 'pouch' thing*

*ta-daa..!! mini card :) *

Again, all handmade :) Of course, I can't show you the message at the back *winks* That would be for the eyes of my friend only, right?

*hopes she likes it*



Moonfish said...

So pretty (^_^)

~MoMo*Chin~ said...

so pretty... do i get one too??

Quirky said...

momo*chin, hehe...it's not for you! :P

~MoMo*Chin~ said...

hm.. can i have one!! haha

Quirky said...

you want this one ar?