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Sunday, 19 October 2008

More Birthday Cards

I have so many friends with birthdays in October! Didn't realize it until I started making cards... hehe... I do enjoy making cards so it's a bonus, I guess :)

And I do think the cards has gotten nicer since I first started.... erm, right? (someone out there, please agree with me....hahahaha).

These are actually bigger than the one I made earlier.

Meeting them tomorrow night for dinner. Can't wait to give these to them!!!

They come in little 'jackets'

Words on the back deliberately covered :)

Another one, different in design and feel

Do you like the ribbons? I know I do...

Front & back. Cards tucked in their respective 'jackets'

Everytime I make something I feel is nice, I can't wait to give them away so that I can see if the recipient likes it *grins* So, you can imagine how I'm feeling now. Kinda weird, right? I like them very much I wanna keep them but I wanna give them away too....

I'm complicated and contradicted....




~MoMo*Chin~ said...

hm.. very very pretty.. i like it very much.. wondering which one i'll get!! hehe

Quirky said...

never say it's for you also :P

Kimberly Monaco said...

oooohhh! I love them! and I love how they come in the little jackets - very cool!

Quirky said...

Thanks, dearie! :)

I just gave them out. Hope my friends love them as much too :D

I kinda miss the cards now..hehe...but thank God it's captured on film :)

Nick Chan said...

haha...good stuff la..so nice =)

Quirky said...

Thanks Nick :)