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Friday, 17 October 2008

something about midriffs....

Gosh. I feel so tired easily nowadays.

I attribute it to lack of exercise and 'old' age.... haha.. bag of ol' bones now. Though my heart still beats young and forever 2*. Go figure.... :P

Tried to make the effort to come back from work slightly earlier so that I may get the chance to jog around the park and do some stretching but the heavens has other plans for me *grins*

*Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day*

It's been pouring cats and dogs for close to 2 weeks now, every evening. I would come back and it'll be in vain anyways because I can't exercise. sigh...

Wait.. what? Indoor exercise? sigh... no fresh air = no enthusiasm = LAZY to exercise. Seriously, it's easier to get going out there in the open compared to in an enclosed environment.


I'm serious. Thinking of alternative on what to do already cos if it continues to rain like that.....hmmmm, I'm reluctant to accumulate fats around my midriff.




~MoMo*Chin~ said...

my midriff ah.. growing bigger n bigger.. i keep saying i need to reduce it.. but no action taken!!! need someone to push me lah.... who is willing to do so???

Quirky said...


hehehehe...we motivate each other?
but nowadays, evening always rain. Problem lah