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Friday, 10 October 2008

Life as it is

Sometimes I stop and I marvel at the work of the hands of God. I truly do. Although I do get skeptical at times, but hey, I'm only human. I doubt too, so *sue* me.

Like how I left this current job to join another company only to leave it after a brief stint and then to come back to this job now. There is a reason it happened :)

God works in miraculous ways.

Sometimes we don't want to admit or believe it but it's true. I wasn't very happy when I was in my current job because there's no incentives but there's targets to meet. My time is not as flexible as my first job. Actually my first job may seem like a dream job to many, come to think of it, maybe I made the wrong step to resign then. But regrets, sigh, can't bring anything back. It's in the past now and I have to look forward cos life only goes on. It can't move backwards....

I searched and searched for jobs similar to the one I first had and landed in one that is in the generally same category but not exactly the same. I don't know if I accepted it because the interviewer pressured me to ( I don't like being pressured like that ) or because I just wanted a job with perks (like those) and just took it but deep in my heart, a gnawing feeling was there. From the moment I signed the letter of offer, it didn't feel right.

I didn't feel peace.

The most important thing that I should feel. The thing I prayed for and I didn't feel but I tried to reason myself.

Needless to say, I wasn't happy there. I don't know why but I generally feel that I don't belong there.

And then door opened up for me to go back to this job that I have now and after some discussion and negotiations, I decided that money isn't everything and it's better to earn a bit less but be a little happier. It wasn't easy arriving at that decision. Money, is afterall, very important especially at this age of impending recession. Cash is king. But cash can't buy me health and happiness.

I appreciate this job so much more now. My superior noted that I am cheerier even than before and he is happy to see me like that. I value what I'm doing more and am trying to be a better person to my colleagues, peers or subordinates.

I believe God does and lets things happen for a reason. If I didn't leave for the greener pasture, I wouldn't appreciate and realize what a good place I already am in and I truly thank HIM for this.



NT said...

ya..sometimes after somethg is lost only we learn to appreciate it.

and the best part in life is... sometimes there's a U-Turn sign.. ;)

Quirky said...

I think more often than not, it's like that lo :)

Isn't it wonderful that there's a U-turn sign? At least we get a second chance... :)