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Sunday, 21 February 2010


Here's my kitty... he was my model last week while I tested out my camera :P
He's grown up pretty well but he's still a naughty biter sometimes...

I sure hope he will be slightly manja and sit on my lap.. He doesn't really like us carrying him for a long time. Just a short time and he's fidget. But he's really friendly with people. He wasn't afraid to mingle with a whole bunch of friends last night. He did run as fast as he could upstairs when the whole bunch of friends came in but he did come down quite fast too :) And he didn't bite last night... so, that's good.

Hope he keeps it up... the not biting part, that is.

Ain't he a sweetie... :)



Rose said...

aw he is precious!! hope he out grows the biting. my Q is now 4 and he falls asleep each night chewing on my fingers (not hard thank goodness) lol and yes i let him!! ;)

yyam said...

He's one good-looking cat! And willing to pose for you...I can never get a good shot of my brother's cats...they hate the camera.

Roy said...

He certainly is adorable and frustrating at the same time (for all the scratches and scars he inflict upon us)

yyam: We couldn't get any nice shots of him too initially with our digital camera. These are taken with DSLR which I personally think is worth the investment ;)

Rose: I like the name of your cat. Sounds so cool!

Alina Grace's Domain said...

Ooo....your kitty is so adorable and I'm not even a kitty fan!