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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

If you had a couple of million....what would you do?

This card will go to a friend who loves cats :)

Hoping that she'll like it.

Ok... now, just a dream/fantasy... if you had/won a couple of million dollars, what would you do with it? And how are you going to spend your life?

Sometimes I like to think of impossible questions like these. Well, winning it is kind of impossible since I don't buy the lottery. Earning it, well, I would need a solid business plan then (which I don't have...) but if I really do have a couple of million moolahs to dish out, I would give 10% to my church, 15% to my parents, invest some.... buy lotsa craft supplies, go for photography classes & I'm definitely 'retiring' (cos I'll have some in FD to feed me). I would spend my 'free' time volunteering at old folks or children's home. Maybe I can work for World Vision :D I never believe that one can be bored if they stop working because there's just so many things in the world that we can do. How can we be bored? 

Maybe one day, I will go to Myanmar to visit the child I sponsored. I won't need a couple of million to do that :) And I guess it's time to sponsor another child :P My personal goal was to sponsor a child a year but I didn't manage to do that last year. Maybe a child in 2/3 years? Seems reasonable, right? Wow... I'm going to have so many 'kids' around the world in the future... LOL

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Rose said...

well being a cat lover myself i say she will LOVE this super sweet card :)
dh and i have talked about what we would do if we won the loto. and we would tithe (of course!) then use it to help spread the Gospel to other countries. we wouldn't change our life style (except quit our jobs)

Alina Grace's Domain said...

I love the card...so cute.

If I had the moolahs, aside from the donations and giving money to my parents....I'll probably invest in the property market and continue to work in UOB and terrorise everybody!!! Wakkakakaakka.......