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Monday, 22 February 2010

exhaustion = low immunity

Have not been feeling too good the past couple of days... sneezing my head off and now the sore throat has sunk in. sigh.... I blame it on the weather.. It's too hot and then it rains when we're heading home from office :P 

Well, the weather plays a part and I think I have also been physically exhausted. Exhaustion = low immunity, so therefore I am now s.i.c.k :(

Am on medical leave today cos my whole body's aching and I can't talk... throat's hurting bad. Am gonna sleep now. Made this card last week for one of 365 Card's challenge but I forgot to post it up. I didn't even link it up there... oh well, maybe I will eventhough it's late.

Code : HB0050



~amy~ said...

Dang girlie, sorry that you aren't feeling so good...your card is gorgeous!!

Two Happy Stampers said...

Super cute card! Hope you're feeling better soon! =)

Cindy Lee said...

Bummer...I hope you get well soon sweetie! Drink plenty of water and have lots of rest! Hugs to ya!

Cute card you have there!

yyam said...

Sweet card....love all the yummy details!

Sorry that you are ill...:( The weather's terrible...Lots of liquids and sleep!