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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Birthday

This is another 'sweet' coloured card :) I seem to be better at making these than I am at making masculine ones :P I do hope to create a few more of those masculine type cards, though... for the benefit of those who buy cards for their boyfriend or husbands (or brothers... hehe)

And again, I mix stamps from different sets to create a card. I normally do that. You will rarely get to see a card with stamps from only one set on my card :)

Happy Chinese New Year... there are 15 days in the Lunar Chinese New Year... enjoy, eat as many mandarin oranges, devour as much cookies and goodies and then, well, we'll 'diet' when this whole festivies ends, right? :P

Will post up some pictures soon too :) I just invested in a Nikon D90 and am learning to photograph better :) Yes, I'm an amateur hoping to take better pics :)

Code : HB0049



~amy~ said...

Love the sweet color combo!!!

Rose said...

this is so soft and pretty!! hope you have a blast eating all that yummy food :)