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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Happy Totoro Mail

Everyone loves a happy mail, right? I know I do. I love checking the mailbox to see if there's any happy mail (even if I know there isn't going to be any.. haha). I guess this stems from days when I was actively writing pen pal letters and post crossing.

And I do love Totoro. For those who don't know who or what Totoro is... well, he is a mythical creature or "keeper of the forest" created by Hayao Miyazaki in his film "My Neighbour Totoro". I find the movie endearing and Totoro found a place in my heart since I first watched it more than 10 years ago.

When my dearest IG friend told me she was going to Japan, I asked if she could help find me a totoro keychain and she was really sweet to hunt it down for me. I was so happy anticipating my happy Totoro mail and am so glad to hold him in my hands :)

* Thanks, Sam! *

Totoro found a place on my pencil case. It holds a lot of my favorite stationeries.

I love you, Totoro!

What kind of happy mail makes your day? Do drop a comment and share it with me. I would love to know.

1 comment:

~amy~ said...

LOVE totoro!