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Monday, 7 January 2008

A Bane of existence

What's the ultimate bane in my life at the moment? Procrastinating? Bad traffic! It's gotta be traffic jams! (procrastinating probably takes a second place right now..but wait, there's also day-dreaming..hmmm).

Traffic jams are a bane in my life. Because you know, I *actually* enjoy driving. In fact, I love driving..alone. Cos I can sing like a crazy woman to the song playing on the radio and no one will laugh at me. No one will even know. Except for the occasional motorcyclist that stops beside my car at traffic lights. I think they can hear *gasp*.

Driving here in sweet Malaysia, where it's always sunny (with the occasional horrible thunderstorms), is NOT a bliss during peak hours. It's exceptionally irritating and can cause unpredictable increases in blood pressure . I am not sure why, but a traffic jam is always present during peak hours and it's worse if it's raining. Cars will just pile up and it takes forever for traffic to ease. During those times, maybe it would have been good to perform over-time at work. But I don't get over-time pay..darn! Will look good on your CV?

The only time I find that it's best to drive is after 1030 in the night. The air is cool and most cars are out of the road. It's a bliss to drive. It's wonderful. Off-peak hours are okay too (on the highways..but you gotta pay) but it's kinda too sunny and sometimes the sun scorches. So yeah, night time's the best!

Anyway, bottomline is.. Traffic jam is a bane of existence and I'm feeling it so much everyday today because I got caught very badly in it this morning and arrived late for a meeting. Drats!


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