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Friday, 11 January 2008

About the iPhone

What do you think of the iPhone? Do you fancy it too?

Well, I'm quite partial towards it. I think it's an eye-candy but I can live without it. I just need a phone that I can make/receive calls and SMS. I think those are my most important necessity.

Anything other than that is a bonus but not that all important :)

But I see a lot of people going goo-goo ga-ga over this 'beauty'. One of them if my BF. He's waiting for the launch in Malaysia and I'm sure plenty of others are eagerly anticipating this event too.

Anyway, I digress. What I really wanted to ask was if any of you think a 15-year old should be owning a phone like that? What do they need with a phone so flashy?

According to the 'dad' who's buying this for his daughter, it's because her friends will have it too. Peer-pressure. But what is the father doing feeding this? Shouldn't he be explaining to her on the hows to handle peer-pressure?

Fortunately he can afford this (and some) but what if he can't? I really think the younger generation should be brought up with a sterner view on life and parents should spend more time educating them. And no, I'm not old. I am not even married yet. I'm Gen Y but my dad made sure I learned the value of money and how we should not succumb to peer-pressure.

I'm glad he did. I can improvise, innovate and stand on my own two feet on practically, anything.



moonfish said...

I totally agree with you on this.

Quirky said...

Yeah, we're the Gen Ys who made it on our own..

well, on the way to making it anyway :D