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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Old news

Well, this can be considered to some as an 'old piece of news'. Personally, I have forgotten about this and it was only when my friend brought it up earlier that I remembered this incidence again.

The big 'bang' celebration of the new year. Big news in Malaysian newspaper and the political arena. Heck, No, there's no bloodshed of any kind ( somehow I figured if the said politician 'silenced' the woman, he would have already been prosecuted and hanged.. it's a different ballgame for some other, though. They get away scot free ) *shrug* That's how things are. Life is unfair.

I don't believe anyone is in the right place to condemn him for his actions but that doesn't mean I condone what he's done. He's not right to have had sex with a 'personal' friend and then said that it's his error to have gone to the same hotel and booked the same room. That's not error, that's plain stupidity. In my honest opinion anyway.

But the culprits ( whoever they are ) who took the CCTV recording of him doing his 'thing' are truly invading a person's privacy. How would you like to have a recording of yourself doing it with your wife/husband/bf/gf?? It smells downright fishy and feels like a political-sabotage.

He's man enough to admit his mistake and resigned from his post the very next day but the sex DVDs are still being circulated.

What my gf pointed out is very true. This is not porn. Porn are filmed by people who are paid to do it and they know they are being recorded for the whole world to see. This is an invasion of privacy. At first I didn't really think too much of it. I just didn't have the urge to get my hands on the DVDs to watch it 'cos I really don't have the 1. time and 2. interest/curiosity to find out how he 'performs' in bed.

Anyone out there who are still circulating or watching Dr. Chua Soi Lek's sex videos, please.. think of it this way. If you are the one being 'caught on video', would you appreciate the whole world viewing your 'actions'? Please do give this man a little bit of privacy and dignity, whatever's left of it.



noelle said...

thanks to ah lek.. bee pee so famous now yah!

Lolz! don't tell me u're reali not curious to watch it ? o_O

Quirky said...

ya man..as soon as people found out that I'm from BP, they'll be trying to quiz me on 'ah lek'


No wor..I'm really not curious to watch it..hehe..you watched?