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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

An Ode to... gingko?

Drats. I knew I had something that I wanted to comment about but now that I'm staring here at the screen, my mind went blank!

darn it..darn it.. triple darn it *hummmppphhh*

Seriously, maybe I should really consider taking Gingko as a supplement. haha.. It's supposed to be good for memory and increasing attention. I don't want to be having memory lapses too often. Man, I make myself sound so old when in actual fact I'm not. Maybe it's due to stress. Thinking too much makes me forgets other stuffs?

Gingko leaves

Just as I typed the word, gingko, I thought, ' why not read about it too?' ( since I have an interest in 'useless' knowledge :P ). Gingko is indeed quite an interesting plant. Been around since Jurassic time. Wow.. I didn't know that. There's even fossils of it found in British Columbia, Canada and England. And these trees can really grow and withstand the test of time. Seems there's one in Shandong, China thought to be 2,500 years old.

If it could talk, I'm sure it has plenty of tales to share :) You can read more about Gingko here. Do you think consuming Gingko will really help? I'm not sure. I love it cooked together with barley and egg-white as a dessert. Well, I love it cos it's sweet and cos it's supposed to be beneficial for the complexion :P

Now, I must go to bed soon and maybe, hopefully remember what I initially wanted to pen about..haha..



nOeLLe said...

hey, it's not your fault. Don't blame yourself. It's our alma mater's fault! How else could there be so many of its ex-students suffering from memory losses? *wink*wink* It's not the age too, rilly....

I AM VERY MARY said...

I adore Gingko leaves and collect them each fall!

Quirky said...

Oooh, Mary..I wish we have Gingko trees here :)

Quirky said...

Noelle..hehe..I miss both you and Jas..

Both of you are my pillar of support lah..then one by one left the company..aiks

Colleen said...

I couldn't find an email address, but I wanted to ask you please not to hotlink our ginkgo photo - it uses our (gongfugirl.com) bandwidth. Thank you.