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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

The New Year is here

The year 2008 has dawned upon us :) so quickly, I have to say. 2007 seem to just pass by in a flick of a finger. Or a wink of an eye..well, in a nutshell, I felt 2007 flash by all too fast.

It seems that as we grow older, the year seem to fly by. A year seem so long when I was a kid. I mean, a year seem like a milenium and I could not wait for a year to pass so that I can grow a year older, a little taller and get some presents..haha..

Now, I don't have to wish for that anymore. No way..haha. It seems to have a life of its own, a mind of its own. It seems I might have wished too hard and the wish has finally come true! haha..

wrong timing, man.. wrong timing.. haha.


Here's wishing a very Happy New Year 2008 to you! May the year be filled with much happiness, great health and of course, great wealth!! Oh, and lot's of love. It makes the world a whole lot nicer a place to live in!


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Mary Ann said...

happy right backatcha!