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Sunday, 6 January 2008

Handmade Notebooks, journals

Since I'm so much of a stationery addict lover and the fact that love to hoard collect papers, colored pencils, notebooks, journals... (well, any stationery really), I've decided to try my hands on making my own personalized notebooks!

Been researching for methods to bind books and what materials to use. It can be fun but it can be painful too..my palm & fingers hurt from making the holes on the paper & cardstock. Man, I really do need to think of a method to ease the pain :)

I would like to thank
Subu for her encouragement and sharing of knowledge on book-binding, though. She's a gem :) Pointing me in the right direction.

These are the 2 notebooks I made *beaming* Haven't decorated the pink one yet. Still in the midst of procratinating thinking :)

Made 2 small bookmark-sized ones as well. Gave one to an elated friend yesterday (we both share common interests) and the other is in a book in my office. Will take a picture of that and put it here soon.

Gotta go. Time to hurt my fingers *ouch* and make more notebooks!



subu said...

yay! they look fantastic. keep up the good work. :-)

Quirky said...

thanks! Was waiting to hear your comment :D

You just made my day!