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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Where is my post?

Okie.. so I wrote about Gingko last night and I posted it. But when I clicked on 'view blog', that particular post isn't there 0.O


Where is it? When I checked in 'edit posts', it's sitting right there with 2 comments (thank you..I love gingko leaves too Mary, but I don't have any..and Noelle, I hope it's not entirely true about our alma mater..HAHA )! I clicked on the 'view' button in 'edit posts' and I'm able to view my post and those 2 comments (!)


But everytime I try refreshing the IE or even click the 'save' button (upteen times), that post still would not materialize. How is it that others can view it but I can't???


This is funny and sickening. I love that picture of the gingko leaves and hmmm, I don't like the fact that my post 'hilang diri' (lost itself..literally).

Can someone tell me why this is happening? Please?



nOeLLe said...

it's true.. proven ady.. grab anyone of us, u will find tat we all suffer the same symptom

moonfish said...

I had the same problem before. No idea why, but it sure was frustrating.

Quirky said...

yeah babe, but it kinda resolved on it's own now. So I don't understand..Hmmm..