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Saturday, 14 March 2009

8am on a Sunday

We went for our first ever 8am Sunday service today! hahhahah... been talking about going to church early so that there's more of Sunday to lepak around but that means having to wake up early... :P

Quite a dilemma since we (I think I speak for the both of us..hehe) like to sleep in on a weekend but also want to be able to lepak more but have to go to church as well (!)

So, this morning when the alarm rang, we decided to drag our sorry a** out of bed instead of snuggling in. Got ready, packed breakfast to eat on the way and of course, I must have my coffee so I prepared my thermos and off we go!

Was a wee bit late. We reach around 815 am but still had time for praise & worship (very important..cos I like to sing :P). We'll be better next week *winks*

Today's message is very relevant, I feel, to me and maybe many others.

Pastor talked about fear. Fear and threats are two separate entities with very different meanings. Fear can exist even when the threat is long gone. It's true, isn't it? How, if a person gets bitten by a dog as a kid will grow up to be an adult who's afraid of dogs?

We must identify our fears, get past it and face the threat without fear. Knowing that even if there's undesirable consequences from our confrontation/decision, we can accept it.

Now, I must go and identify my fear, rebuke it and know it will be taken care of by Jesus :)

What is your fear?


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