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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Flat Tyre

Went out to 1Utama with hubby to meet up with Momo*Chin, Sue Chin and my Bro for dinner. They were already there earlier for cakes. I was supposed to be there too (sobs!) but I was too caught up with work today and forgot to reply to Momo.

By the time she called me, I was already late. So, I came home for a shower first and went there with the Mr.

We had fun chatting and gossiping at Good Evening Bangkok. I think they've changed management, though. The waiters seemed different and the food too. Just didn't feel like when we were last there. I can't explain why I felt that way but well, the menu had a total makeover too! That was more beautiful, though :)

Then it was time to go home and the Mr. and I went to grab my facial stuffs before heading home. Well, I ran out of a few products and I was glad we went to check out the shop because they were having promotion of 50% off second purchase. I ran out of 2 items, so the timing was just right. Bought another 2 items I almost ran out too since the promo is only until the 11th March.

SIGH... I actually went in to buy 1 product and ended up walking out with 4. The only consolation is that I saved money. Quite a substantial bit too. Nonetheless, couldn't help but feel the pinch in my heart after spending more than I initially thought I would. Tell you ar, save money also can feel heartache cos have to spend first. Imagine my pain buying the products as opposed to if I REALLY bought the TOD's bag! I think I might suffer a mini heart attack right there and then but will still fall madly, deeply in love with the bag :P

.... but *heart attack* loh..... sigh....

Anyway, we then bumped into Mr. PPJay who brought the Mrs. there to buy a dress. PPJay needed a dress for a wedding she's attending this coming Sunday. Unfortunately I don't have a dress in that colour scheme to loan to her... Though I told her she can try my white cheongsam with motifs on it :)

Ok, this flat tyre story is getting boring, right? :P

But it really happened. We got a flat tyre on the way home. Thank God we stay about 10 minutes away from the shopping complex. The Mr. was driving my SLK (Small Little Kelisa) and hit a pothole. I didn't expect the tyre to give out. All I thought was, darn... maybe a dent on the rim (again..I was prone to that). Told the Mr. to be more careful as my car is not as sturdy as his but imagine my shock when we got down from the car and I saw the flat!

Alamak... why? I don't think that pothole was that big. The Mr. changed the flat to the spare and I've called my boss that I will be in a bit late tomorrow as I've got to get the tyre fixed. After a good dinner, a good work-out was in session :P The Mr. was drenched in sweat after changing the tyre. It's no sweat! (pun intended)

And I thought today will be uneventful........ who would have thought? :)


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