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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Torrential downpour

Rain came pouring down about 4 in the afternoon. Why in the world would I remember the time was either because I was waiting to go home or we had a scheduled meeting at said time. Well, I definitely was not lucky enough to sit and wait to go home :)

We didn't expect the rain to be that heavy but when the meeting was concluded and my colleague went to check-out the situation down below, he was shocked to see the Gombak river overflow. Water, brown muddy water, was gushing down the river and has already covered the grounds of the Masjid.

I have never seen all my colleagues pack up and leave that fast!

As expected, traffic was horrendous and the road was not even flooded (thank God!). Would have been massively worse if the roads were flooded, so it's really a blessing.

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the event as I didn't expect I would actually blog about it.

Well, just imagine teh-tarik gushing down the river and flooding the Masjid. That would be good enough :D


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