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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Seek first ....

Sometimes we can never be sure where life will take us. Some people plan out their life so well only to find unexpected turns of events. Others never really plan their life but just live it one day at a time.

How should I then live mine?

Planning is all good but we must be mentally prepared that planning is all planning is and the end-results might more often than not differ. Variables, as we know it exists in all forms and entities. Failure in planning, however, is frowned upon but not entirely a bad thing at all. Who says living life on the edge might not be what life is all about?

~ Seek ye first thy kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you ~



Anonymous said...

When it comes to life, I believe there should be a balance between planning and yet being able to be flexible with plans. Nothing is set in stone afterall. And not everything can go according to plan. So flexibility to adapt to change of plans is good in my book. Otherwise it's going to be so much harder to get up if we fall.

Quirky said...

What you say is so true :)
Flexibility is key and so is adaptability. But sometimes it's kinda hard to change. You know what I mean? :)