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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Blessed Christmas to all ....

2 days late but better late than never :P

I've been kinda tied up lately with practices in Church for our Christmas production, then the shows and then my parents came to visit and we had a potluck gathering in my house last night :) Just a note, my life is definitely nothing short of uninteresting..... drama abounds...

Anyway, we just bought our Christmas tree yesterday. Yes, we bought it a day after Christmas. Why?? Because everything is on discount :P we got our tree and all its ornaments for 50% off :D 

I had planned to get the tree for next year but since we were having guests coming over yesterday, the hubby and I quickly got the tree up and decorated it. What's a Christmas gathering without a Christmas tree, right? :)

Here's our tree :) I hope to get more ornaments for it soon :)



~amy~ said...

LOL...i love your tree my dear...drama..oh boy...hang in there sista.

Cindy Lee said...

How's the show sweetie?? I'm sure it went really well :)