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Monday, 7 December 2009

Starbucks Thank You :)

I made a thank you card for a colleague last week because she was kind enough to give me the Starbucks 2010 planner redemption stamps. In case things are different in Starbucks around the world, every year for quite a number of years now (can't remember how many), Starbucks allows you to redeem a yearly planner once you collected the allocated number of stamps required.

Usually it takes me a looOoong time to get all the stamps (with the exception of last year.... they allowed us to purchase it) but this colleague of mine has already redeemed 2 planners and gave me her extra redemption booklet :D I only managed to collect 2 out of 11 stamps at that time... so, you can imagine my HAPPINESS!! :D

Here's the card I made for her :)

Code : TY0014



~amy~ said...

Is that an Evelin original image??!!!

We don't have that redemption program in the states...so you get a planner when you turn in the stamps? What do they look like?! I wanna see pictures sista!!! LOL...you know me and starbucks:)

Cindy Lee said...

You draw the cup??? You have talent babe! Love it! I wanna see your planner too! Do share with us k?

teacher jessy said...

Oh mine... This is one cute starbucks card!! Very unique :)