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Saturday, 30 January 2010

another fluffy flower

Code : AAL0032

Another card with the fluffy paper flowers.... I was trying to put them in an envelope earlier... haha.. was having a bit of a problem stuffing them in but I manage to put them in nicely after a few tries :)

Am in the process of making more cards to send out... hope I won't be too late in sending them out... Ok.. it's almost 2 am now. I think I better get to bed and finish up on the cards later today. I love staying up at night cos it's nice and cooling! Afternoons are just too hot, this part of the world... it was scorching today which makes it the perfect laundry day.... but because of the humidity, I'm all hot and sticky! yuck...

Thank God for air-conditioning.. am gonna wrap myself up under the blankie now.... 
Nights :)



Cindy Lee said...

Hey sweetie! What a cute card!!
Hate the scorching weather too...it'll be even hotter next week.

travelingmama said...

This is so sweet! I love the fluffy flower!