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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Be mine

About slightly more than a month from now, there's going to be 2 occasions to celebrate for the Chinese in Malaysia :) This year, Chinese New Year falls on 14th February which is also Valentine's Day!

What a coincidence, right?

Anyway, I've started making some Valentine's Day cards for sale.... there's more that I will update over the course of the days and oh, I did upload a blog on a card set about a week or so ago? Those can be Valentine Day cards too (hugs & kisses... that sorta things) :)

Here's one for tonight.... be mine :)

Code : AAL0016

Oh, you can click under 'Cards-All About Love' on the left sidebar, and that'll bring you to all related cards too :) Happy browsing! :)



~amy~ said...

this is wonderfully adorable sista!

Savitri said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! That kitty is adorable!

Cindy Lee said...

This is so CUTE!! I still have not work on my Valentine cards yet.