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Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Code : AAL0025

Ooopss.... I just realized that this post was posted up with nothing written on it :P Sorry Amy, for the quiet post... Indeed it was... Hope you check back... :)

I think I posted it without writing anything cos I forgot about it. You see, this was on scheduled posting too.... I think I must have uploaded the pictures and forgot about the 'writing' part, thinking that I'll do it later... and ... I... forgot :P

I've been preoccupied with New Moon. Didn't know a romance story book can keep me glued to it and not wanting to let go until I am finish with it. I never liked romance books.... due to my 'bad' experience with one years ago... It was all mushy and well, TOO mushy. I thought all romance story books are like that and swore them off. I was more into adventure, mystery, ancient histories kinda books anyway.... so, of course I had my apprehension about Twilight and the whole series.... To my surprise, they are quite good :) I am at the last few pages of New Moon now... gonna start Eclipse real soon...

*gasp* I thought I could control myself and put down the book when needed but I guess not! :P

All the cards you see posted this week and end of last week were made way earlier :P Thank God for scheduled post! :P



~amy~ said...

Hey you...awfully quiet post:) Sweet card!

yyam said...

Awww...this is sweet! Love all the hearts and the ribbon! :)

Savitri said...

Ooooh, you're hooked on a book :) Love your card!!! Glad you added some noise to the post. I've done scheduled posts and I forgot to write in past tense :P So I had to go edit or remove stuff that just didn't make sense.

Have a good one!

Cindy Lee said...

Gal...you are fast!!! And thanks for reminding me about Eclipse. Can you believe that I almost forgot that I have not finish reading this book. I should get back to reading soon.

Lovely card!! :)