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Monday, 18 January 2010

A hug with a fold in the middle ;)

Code : AAL0022

A friend of mine is rushing me to post up all the pictures of the Valentine Cards I made... :P I was thinking of posting one a day and well, I guess I'll never have ALL the pictures to post up cos I will still be making more even after I posted up all that I've made now.... cos, there's no such thing as a 'collection', I guess... well, not for me? :P

So, what I *can* do is to post a card a day... I think I'll run out of cards to post by next week :P Then I'll have to make more... which is good :)

Here's sending you a hug with a fold in the middle :)



~MoMo*Chin~ said...

eve... i want this!!! could u plz bring it on friday when we meet?? hehehe thanks dear

Cindy Lee said...

This is gorgeous!! Love the colors! You should make more of this!

~amy~ said...

this is fabbie...