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Friday, 19 October 2007

A broom, a pail & me

I dread waking up today. For a reason. My kitchen and laundry area is flooded. And the water went halfway to the living room as well as flow out from the front door. My housemate discovered it when she returned from work yesterday evening and she conveniently had to 'balik kampung' (go back to her hometown) this morning. The other one had to work and I totally understand cos of the nature of her job.

So, I have to contact the landlady, the Management and stay home waiting for them to come fix the problem. The landlady didn't bother coming but she will be tomorrow as she's not happy she has to pay the bill. She expects the Management to settle it.

Thank God the plumber came this morning. As he was checking the pipes, the water started rising again. Gasp! I cannot start to imagine the water flowing on my kitchen or living room floor again. Yuck!

They managed to unclog the pipes and the water subsided. Then he said I have to pay him RM 70 and so I called the landlady to check with her first. She is definitely not happy. They debated quite a bit on my phone (my phone bill -.-" ) and she decided that she will come over tomorrow to take a look and talk somemore with the plumber. Poor plumber. Well, poor me too. I have to standby for them.

The plumber left shortly after and I am left alone to clean up the mess. Put all the dirty, wet floor mats and clothes into the washing machine for a soak and wash. Then it's up to my trusty broom, the pail and me to wipe up the mess. Sigh.

What a way to start my day.


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