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Friday, 19 October 2007

Double Misfortune

I texted my housemates cos I wanted to meet them tonight to inform them that I will be moving out. My aunt has a place nearby. Not too big, just cozy. And I will be staying there pretty soon. I wanted to discuss with them on the transfer of tenancy and such.

Ekin texted me back saying the house is flooded -.-" We're staying on the 1st floor, by the way. sigh. This is the second time in 2 weeks. Exactly a week apart. The first time it happened was last Friday. A day before Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Both Kerry and I were cleaning the kitchen and laundry area till late. Some way to welcome the holidays, huh?

This time the flooding was much worse. I thank God it didn't seep into my room but both Ker's and Ekin's room were slightly affected. The water reached their door. We couldn't do anything as the water has not yet subsided. Will have to wait till the morning to inform the Management. Just got off the phone with the landlady. She's rather nice. Was actually apologetic that it happened. hehe.. My heart's very soft. Like that and I think she's nice :P

So, we're all not sleeping at home tonight.

On the way to my Dear's house, there was a sudden congestion at the traffic light. Kinda unusual at this hour. Saw a police car with the siren on and the policeman directing traffic. That's when we saw the accident.

A Kelisa on top of a motorcycle. The accident victims were already removed from the scene but one can guess how bad it was. From my view, I can only assume that the Kelisa was trying to U-turn at the traffic light and the motorcyclist went too fast and crashed under it. Have to see if tomorrow's newspaper reports it.

Two unfortunate events in one night. My apartment got flooded and an accident on the road.

I can only Thank God that we left earlier. If we had left later, we could have been involved. So, yes, Amen for keeping us safe.