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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Hold on please...

I got irritated talking over the phone with my credit card people. What's new, right? Well, I know it's wrong of me to raise my voice at them sometimes but they can get soooooo irritating. Add that to the amount of time they always puts me on hold. Enough poison to kill a rat.. hehe.

I'm purchasing something that is kinda on a one time offer and I need the credit limit on my card increased. Nope, I didn't overspend (well, not yet..haha), I just have not cleared the amount due since it's not my due date yet. I'm one of those people who prefers the money sitting in my account rather than in some other's. Besides, it's not due yet!

At first they put me on hold for the longest time. Then they said they can't process my request because it's not an emergency. Well, to me it is! And I got so fed up. I hung up on them.

When I checked my account the next day, I noticed that the limit was increased. But they didn't inform me and I didn't make my purchase *grrrr* And when I did my purchase last night, those funny a*s has already decreased the limit. AAArrrrghhh. Can you imagine my frustration?

I just got off the phone with them AGAIN this morning and that girl raised her voice at me. I told her calmly not to do that as I have not raised mine. Supposedly she will 'assist' me to process the temporary increase. Have not seen it reflected in my account yet. Hopefully the vendor has not charged me yet. I don't want the transaction to bounce. I want my item!

and yup, I got so mad, I just paid up to clear my account WAY before the due date...


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