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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

I <3 Etsy

I heart Etsy. Absolutely totally heart Etsy. I'm already addicted to it. haha.. As is my addiction to coffee but that is kinda well known in my circle of close friends. Or maybe not. Oh well...

To those who don't know what Etsy is, Etsy is a place where people buy and sell handmade items. I had wanted to keep it my 'secret garden', treasure trove of some kind.Made it harder contemplating on whether I should *tell* the world about my latest obsession but, heck, sharing is caring? And besides, maybe some of you already know this site exists :)

I'm going to love browsing the pages, searching for items to buy as well as crafting and listing my items for sale. I need a way to release built-up tension. One of the ways I've identified to keep me happily bouncing along is to craft and draw.

And that's what I'm gonna do.



1 comment:

BaldyLocks said...

Etsy is the best! I'm addicted too.