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Sunday, 21 October 2007

Making my $$ work for me

I believe in working smart more than working hard. Like how we should make our money work for us and not just resort to earning more money. Instead of being a slave to money, why not make the money our slave?

Good, right? Everyone likes the idea of our money working for us while we're sleeping?

No.. I'm not talking MLM (multi-level marketing) and I'm not asking you do anything illegal. I'm talking investment.

What investment, you say? Leave me a comment stating you want to know more and I'll get back to you via email.

Let's just say that I've been thrown out of my comfort zone a year and a half ago and I've come to the realization that no matter how much I earn, I can spend it faster. And because of the situations that I've been through since then, I've started to learn more about financial freedom, managing finances and investments of sorts.

God has His reasons for putting people at crossroads and for whatever path I choose, He's been there watching me and guiding me back to the path He wants me to trod.

I've fallen to the beaten path but He's brought me back. I took the wrong turn and He held my hands, leading me back. He's so patient. If it's me, I would have given up on me...haha.. That's why He's God and I'm just me :)

I'm blessed that I discovered financial management now and not anymore later. And I'm so blessed that He's rekindling my creativity. God gives us talents but it's up to us to make us of it and flourish it. My love for crafting simmered for a long time until now. I hope He helps me grow more and more in it :)

And I pray He guides me through as I become a consultant to people on their finances.



moonfish said...

Yea! We need to talk.

AngelicQuirk said...

Cool. No prob.
Call you tonight?